Ana Tepina, landscape architect, Ljubljana, Slovenia
graduated from University of Ljubljana, study of Landscape Architecture,
from 2016 member of Institute of visual arts Slovenia.

I have always been driven by the passion for the profession and the desire to create high-quality open spaces. Every assignment has its requirements, let it be because of the program, client’s expectations or spatial context. I aim for solutions that are simple and abstract, so it leaves enough space for you to write your own story.

As a landscape architect I design the space with landform, materials, vegetation, water, light and lighting. I strongly believe that details make the difference: let it be the color, the texture, the selection of the materials, the amount and color of the light or just the way you assemble these elements. It takes just the right selection to create unique and intriguing ambient.

I believe in a sort of design that preserves and enhances the natural and the cultural environment by respecting pre-existing facts, understanding them and including them in a design. This means creating a space that respects natural and cultural components without forgetting the human requirements. I believe in a space that engages its user, and offers equal opportunities for all by creating barrier-free environment environments.

I guide a project from the initial idea to the final realization. I see the solution as a result of collaboration between the client, the designer and the contractor. My work extends from the garden design to the design of parks, urban squares, children playgrounds, residential areas, historic renovations ... in general it consists of designing all types of open spaces, private or public. I offer:
- consulting;
- project documentation for all design stages: concept design, design development, construction design;
- construction observation.