Urban garden

Presented is a renovation of a rather small row house garden in Ljubljana in the tradition of Thomas Church (Gardens are for people) and C. Th. Soerensen (39 Haveplaner). The former condition called for a better connectivity between the levels, in adequate level of privacy and optical enlargement. We thought this could be achieved by formal unity. New terrace is widened along the whole stretch of the house and provides a smoother passage down into the garden. Steps become an important element of the garden structure. They serve for the geometry of the upper terrace to unfold onto the geometry of the garden.  The garden itself is three folded: a wooden terrace, a meadow and a flowerbed. The meadow stretches below the cherry laurel, which hangs over like a dark cloud. The space of the garden is pinned down by two large ironwood trees and enriched by a lacy leaves of a Japanese maple. The flowerbed is an ongoing endeavour; it is framed by layers of shrubby plants of various heights. The owners` own engagement will help the varied shades and textures of green to combine with perennials flowering in white and pink with some dark purple touches.

See the garden before the renovation

The tree house is a project of its own. It is made of a dark brown T-FIX waterproof panel, with lap joints. Its smooth side is used for a seat base and backrests. Backrests are part of the hidden support, which assist the ladder and the branches in carrying the seat base. It is custom made by repeated checking in situ with paper models. Its making engaged the whole family. First steps of the process: measuring, modelling, fitting are rather demanding; nevertheless, the product is preceded by the story of its making. This is why it is called a do-it-yourself tree house.

Area: 84 m²
Project : 2011
Construction: 2012
Landscape architecture:Ana Kučan, Ana Tepina, Luka Javornik (Studio AKKA)
Photo: Ana Tepina, Aljaž Babič

by Landstudio 015

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